Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 7: Khai ke pan banaras wala!!

I was now wondering what to do, since I couldn't mange to meet the chappie who probably had the real story of the film I've heard so many versions about the storyline of the film that now it is almost like an obsession. I have to get hold of someone who knows it all.
Anyway, I couldn't really do much sitting here, so I went out again into the endless winding gali's for my daily dose of the 'notorious' banarsi paan. I forgot to mention earlier but i've been munching on my favorite maghai ever sinceI landed here! (mom - don't panic I've been taking enough care of my oral health.) Incidently I learnt from my regular 'paan wale bhaiya' that the Banarsi pan wasn't grown in Banaras after all! It get's its name after it is treated here to get the distinct pale colour! It seems the maghai is more popular with the locals. Hmmm.... So what's the big hype over a banarsi pan?


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