Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day 5 – Bollywood in Banaras???

The next day I was at Sarnath – the sacred spot where Buddha gave his first sermon. Here I was busy capturing the picturesque surroundings on my video cam when I heard, Ek aur movie shooting hain kya?”

EK aur??? Daid I miss something here?? Apparently it wasn’t a period film or a religious one and neither was it about sadhus and saints. It was a love story, but a rather strange one at that about a young affluent woman and a less privileged musician. That’s all the guide knew but he did mention it stars Urmilla Matondkar and the movie was shot across Banaras and Sarnath.

Hmmmm… Interesting. Before, I knew it, he was gone. Now, that Banaras is so close to my heart I am so looking forward to this mystical creation from apna Bollywood.

A movie buff that I am I have to find out more..….the story, the cast etc. If anybody reads this and knows something about this movie, do let me know!!!!


Blogger Sharad said...

Hello, my name is Sharad and I currently live in the US, I found your writings about your travels in India and they have fascinated me, I miss India dearly and wish I was only so lucky to travel like you have, how old are you? Your stories are great, keep them up, email me at, take care, hope to hear from you soon

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Blogger Vinay Nasta said...

Hi, My name is Vinay and I live in Dubai. I had read about this movie being made some months ago somewhere on the web, though cannot remember where. I found it,,,,here are the details
Directed by Pankuj Parashar and shot in Mauritius and Benares, the film starring the likes of Urmila,Dimple Kapadia, Naseeruddin Shah and Raj Babbar, is supposed to be a musical celebrating the ancient Banaras Gharana of Indian music, recreated by ‘surprise of surprises’ music director Himesh Reshammiya and lyricist Sameer.

I don't know much about benares, but have heard a lot about it and loved reading your comments.
take care,

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Blogger LC said...


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Blogger LC said...

Hello, I am the writer of the story banaras: A mystic Love Story.

This film is taking a front foot to lcreate a new gener of Cinema. This is a serious cinema treated in commercial way.

It's time that we begin telling the world what we know about life, its purpose and how one should look at oneself.

The movie deals with many kinds of relationships. Relationship of two lovers, a daughter's with her parentsl and of human's with God.

Most important, it is a fast paced film with layers and layers of matter for people who would want to explore.

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Blogger Gunjan said...

hi i am a big big fan of urmila and had watched her movies from Rangeela to Maine Gandhi ko Nahi Mara on first day first show without fail

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Blogger Sujata Singh said...

Hello, my name is Sujata and I am a Lecturer in USA. I am a young woman and born and grew up in Banaras, a place that I have such a tie with. My parents still live there and while reading the synopsis, I could almost identify everything about the female chararcter. The most suprizing and interesting part about this movie is that, this story line of attachment for the city, parents and the craziness of the city could have taken place anywhere but it being Banaras itself, brings something very deep emotion that I do not have a word for now. I would certainly like to meet the writer and director of this movie at some time to know how and who inspired them for this thing. I am very very impressed.

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Blogger Deepak said...

'Banaras..' is an excellent film and I was very annoyed with the the so called critic's comments and rating in TOI. I immediately wrote a strong letter to TOI that either the TOI critic had not seen the film or he was not literate enough to understood the film at all. There was no memtion about the superb musical score by Himesh Reshamiya!! I have also suggested the TOI editor to see the film and decide for himself!!
LC deserves the accolades for having the courage and conviction to make a sensitive film like this..which is a truly a collector's item.
Deepak Bhavnani

12:00 AM  

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