Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day 4: And More Gyan!

My visit to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple or the Golden temple was fascinating. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the deity of the land. It is more popular due to the Gold plating done on its spire. The original temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb. Apparently, he built the Gaynvapi mosque using columns from the original temple.

My next hot spot was the Swami Tulsidas's home. As I entered with a few other tourists, our voices dropped to whispers – don’t ask me why, it just happened!

There actually isn't much to see there – Just a great man’s simple abode. Around the corner is the Tulsi Manas Temple which is dedicated to Lord Rama. Tulsidas is believed to have written the great epic `Shri Ramcharitmanas' and it was indeed intriguing to see the original manuscripts of his work and also his padukas which have magically survived over the centuries.

I headed towards the grand Ramnagar Fort. Its 1700 AD structure and the in-built museum houses some of the finest (and rarest) antiques -from ancient armoury to silk robes, furniture, ivory artifacts and old clocks. It's a place not be missed. The palace has this gigantic clock which shows not only the days, and months, but also unravels the mysteries of the constellations.

Fellas, too much gyan for the day. I am famished by now. Did I mention that I have been hogging like crazy since I landed here? The city's gastronomical variety keeps you wanting for more - All the time! Have you had the kachories…. Try them. Ummmmmmm…. They are the best I have ever had - absolutely lip smacking!


Blogger Abhinandan said...

I read your blog and like it..I spend 4 glorious year studying in IT-BHU.
Every gali of banaras has a history. like you didn't mention about harishchandra ghat...Where daanveer harishchandra had sold himself. And also our BIG-B went for Asthi-Visarjan of his father. If you have time go and visit BHU museum where you can see broken parts of ASHOK CHAKRA. You talked about Sadhus, so I'll there r some very authentic sadhus r there who just worship nothing else.

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