Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day-3:The mystical souls

Only today did I finally manage to muster some courage and get back to hunting for more interesting information around the temples. I had no intentions of meeting the sadhu today so I restricted myself to the numerous temples dotting the river banks. However I kept bumping into a sea of saffron clad, unkempt “sadhus”.

So I decided to pick up a few booklets and tourist pamphlets along the way. Apparently, Kashi or Banaras is known to be a divine destination not only for the Hindus but also for the Buddhists and the Jains. It’s been home and meditating grounds for saints and poets preaching different religions.

*Kabir the poor son of a Muslim weaver was initiated by his guru on the steps of the Panchganga ghat.

*Buddha gave his first ever sermon in Sarnath. (12 kms from Banaras). He lived in Sarnath for a few years as a result of which the place was buzzing with religious fervor.

*Tulsi Das penned down the classic epic Shri Ram Charitmanas sitting on the banks of Ganga in Banaras. He lived his entire life in Banaras till his death on the steps of Asighat at the age of 91.

All these great men had so much to give to the mysticity Banaras. I have my doubts if the sadhus now living here make any contribution to the city at all.


Blogger Pravin said...

Dear Riya,

Thats a close description to Banaras.This is where I studies my Metallurgical engineering and am right now in Hong Kong doing my MBA.
I was quite impressed by the photos and simplicity of writings.

Keep up the great work !!!

1:49 AM  

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