Sunday, July 24, 2005

Banaras Ahoy

My annual vacation and this time I am skipping the exotic beaches of Goa and the pine carpeted Himalayas for – hold your breath - Banaras. Okay don't gawk! There is nothing wrong with me. I have not turned into an ascetic and neither have I turned overtly religious.

I just had the urge to visit a place that has somehow never figured on my travel itinerary. Silly but what the heck - true! After talking to a couple of elders in the family (who btw were elated with my choice of place) I got a few tips on what to do and where to go. There was an assortment of temples to be visited, a number of pujas to be performed and of course the famous Ganges dip to cleanse my soul of all my wicked deeds;)

Hmm...Nani’s agenda for me was clearly one track so she didn’t tell me anything about the Banarasi silks or the famous Banarasi paan. Next step – research the city!!